Our history

At Turbo 10, S.L we specialise in turbochargers since 1975. The company was born under the name of Maxiturbo, as the official distributor for the North of Spain and Portugal of Turbomecánica S.A., A.K.A TURMESA, which was the main turbocharger specialist at the time in Spain.


We started by distributing products such as RAJAY, the first American turbocharger brand imported by TURMESA, and soon after, we also distributed IHI products, the leading Japanese manufacturer, to whom TURMESA represented in the whole of Europe and South America, and achieved great success in providing turbochargers for Ford factories in Spain and Maserati in Italy.  TURMESA also manufactured its own range of turbocharger kits for the already existing coaches and lorries and for the newly emerged  diesel powered cars.
We are proud to have contributed to the onset of the turbocharger industry in the North of Spain. Our prime mission at the time became spreading  our knowledge of the business by developing technical training sessions and informative courses on all aspects of turbochargers and how they operated.

From 1985 we expanded our activity into the marine, cogeneration and railway industries and began to work with the main shipyards and marine repair companies and we also became KBB (KOMPRESSORENBAU BANNEWITZ, GMBH) service representative for the whole of Spain and Portugal.


After many years of a steady rise in activity the company has moved to its brand new premises in the Port of Vigo, where we have expanded our services and increased our inventory in order to respond faster and more efficiently to customer demand. At this new facility we have incorporated a diesel injection service, with highly qualified and experienced staff.

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